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In 2018 Pleasants County Bank made an investment in new Visa Debit Cards containing EMV chips. This was done in an effort to protect customers against criminals trying to steal their debit card information and creating fraudulent debit cards. Customers received their new chip cards earlier this year, the old cards have been deactivated. If you have tried to use your old card and been denied please begin using your new Visa EMV chip card. If you cannot locate the new Visa chip card please contact one of our customer service representatives, 304-684-2227.

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Welcome to the new Pleasants County Bank website! We’ve made an investment in upgrading our site to allow for you to navigate and find information more quickly and easily. Pleasants County Bank is celebrating 120 years of service to the Pleasants County area and just opened a brand new main office in October 2017. This new building and website are just a few of the steps Pleasants County Bank is taking to keep up with the ever-changing technology in today’s world. Our goal is to be a financial resource and provide helpful service whether it is in person or online. We look forward to building a relationship for years to come!

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